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Gamewagon Franchise Launches in Essex

Gamewagon franchise brings video game parties and coding clubs to Essex

Boys and Girls across Essex can now celebrate in style with a brand new Birthday Party and Educational business following the decision by Gamewagon CEO John Lilley to continue the businesses expansion with a Gamewagon franchise based in Essex. James, Luke, Suzanne, and Mark Fenton have joined Gamewagon and graduated from their training class in April.

“The Gamewagons simply ooze quality! They do not just look good on the outside. On the inside it is a real Aladdin’s cave of quality video game equipment and games. We are bringing kids across Essex amazing birthday experiences and coding clubs that are both fun and educational. ” said James.

Gamewagon started three years ago and has delivered over 3,000 birthday parties and continues to get rave reviews. James’ whole family will be supporting the development of the Gamewagon business and exited their training class with 10 parties to deliver in the next 4 weeks.

“The initial training we have received put us in a position to hit the ground running, we have been stretched by an exceptional team and we cannot wait to meet our new customers. Although there is a huge amount of amazing technology to get to grips with, the reality is that Gamewagon is a people business entirely focused on delivering exceptional customer service. ” James continued.

The party concept helps deliver a sociable, interactive party where kids can play their favourite video games with their friends. Something they rarely get a chance to do all together. Whilst parents get the convenience of having the party brought to them and managed from start to finish.

CEO Mr Lilley said: “Video gaming is a very popular pastime and making the whole event a social occasion creates a unique experience that is difficult to achieve without a lot of hassle. The Gamewagon solves this problem but it still requires talented staff to make the whole event a success. It all starts in the very beginning by understanding our customer’s needs. Then it is about communication and delivery, every time, without fail. We take great pride in our customer feedback. Without our satisfied customers the business would have been much tougher to build.”

The national expansion is set to continue across the UK in 2015 bringing many part time jobs and great full time local business opportunities to those that have an entrepreneurial flair but may be struggling to know how to start their own business.

“Focusing on delivering exceptional customer service and really cool events has given kids great playground Kudos and made heroes out of parents. That is what Gamewagon is all about and we are proud to have James and Luke on board to provide local support to families and schools in Essex ”. Summarised Mr Lilley.

For more information please contact:
John Lilley (CEO)
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Phone: 0845 319 4263