Kids Parties

The Gamewagons are custom built for maximum fun, interaction and immersive experience. Each Gamewagon can comfortably accommodate 15 kids all playing at once. We have carefully chosen the best multiplayer games so nobody is left out. Each game has elements of competition and co-operation that create great excitement and challenges to work on together.

The Game Experience Manager (GEM) helps level the playing field helping those who are less experienced make the most of the games. For the parents, Gamewagon delivers a stress free and convenient way of giving their children the best birthday party ever.

Tech Specs

  • Technical Specs. (per Gamewagon)
  • Space required – 9.00m X 2.00m X 3.00m (approximately 2 estate car lengths and the width of a 4×4)
  • Power – Standard wall socket or generator can be provided.
  • Players – 16 simultaneous.