Why buy a Franchise?

Benefits of Franchising

Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneur: Many people have been entrepreneurial in the their chosen careers, quite often changing careers along the way. Not everyone wants to take the risk in coming up with a new idea, testing the market, and starting everything from scratch. By looking at the franchise option you ride on the shoulders of others, you reduce your risk and have the opportunity to build a successful business with back-up and support. With a franchise you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Shortcut to Success: Franchising can provide you with a shortcut to success and the opportunity to earn a suitably rewarding income for the time you invest. You are not having to re-invent the wheel (or even invent the wheel in the first place). You get to dodge the pitfalls and mistakes that most new businesses make. The business will continue to evolve and there is nothing more certain than change. Be prepared to embrace change and be ready to share your own innovations. Success breeds success.

Less Risk not Risk Less: Starting any new business always carries risk. The mistakes and lost income whilst trying to figure out what works can cost you tens of thousands of pounds. Lack of customers and not knowing how to generate leads and maximise opportunities is the biggest problem for most new businesses. With a franchise this risk is reduced because you are buying into years of experience and expertise that have focused on the key issues for you.

These three benefits alone are worth the investment of the franchise fee many times over. In addition you get to maximise productivity through using proven systems, processes, equipment and tools. You are buying into an established service that is in great demand and you are given the keys to unlock a great business vehicle (pardon the pun) for you to drive. The brand, systems, processes, lead-generation and templates give you instant credibility in the mind of potential customers.

How did Gamewagon come about?

Gamewagon History

Gamewagon was formed when our founder, John Lilley, received a call from a colleague based in the USA that had just organised a video game party for his kids. John looked at doing something similar for his children in the UK and could not find a quality provider of the same service. On doing further research he found that the businesses in the US were local community heroes, delivering a great service to parents and a wonderful experience to kids. The seed was sown and the idea would not go away.

John (with over 20 years experience in growing franchise businesses) launched the business with the aim of  proving the concept in the UK. We first launched in 2012 with a prototype Gamewagon that is still going strong today. We are currently delivering over 220 parties per month from 11 Gamewagons located in London and the South-East, South West and the Midlands.

Two years on and we have entertained well over 52,500 children. We are not getting carried away with the results; we focus on incredible customer services and we continue to get such amazing feedback from the parents and the kids. We survey our customers after every event and guarantee the quality of our experience, if we miss the mark we over-compensate and ensure we have raving fans in every family we reach.

We believe every child between 7 and 12 should have a Gamewagon party at least once and we already have customers that have booked on consecutive years. Through our focus on customer service, investment in staff and over-exceeding expectations we are seeing our dreams become reality.

Now we are looking for like minded individuals to come and join the party, literally!

What is the market for Gamewagon?

The UK Children’s Party Market

The Party Market: The UK birthday party market is in excess of a billion pounds. All corners of the UK have a mature and stable party market. Gamewagon started during the economic downturn, yet the market continues to be strong as parents are both time and space starved but still want to bring their kids new and exciting experiences for their special days. It is estimated that £1.2bn is spent annually on children’s parties. With around nine million children in the UK, and an average birth rate of 800,000 new babies (ONS), the sector continues to be extremely strong.  In the UK, birth rates have been increasing year on year.  The children’s party market is an extremely exciting and rewarding sector. Parents are continuing to see children’s entertainment services for their child’s party as a necessity. Bringing fantastic potential in the demand for entertainment services for kids birthdays.

The role Gamewagon plays: It becomes increasingly difficult to find convenient, fun and age-appropriate activities for kids aged 7 to 12. This is exactly where Gamewagon’s target market is. Gamewagon parties appeal mainly to parents wanting children’s birthday parties that are safe, convenient and above all else cool and exciting. Gamewagon makes parents into heroes and their children get great playground kudos to boot.

Our Junior Game Creator business also provides fun after school clubs and provides computer science parties that are truly unique to the UK. The national curriculum changed in September 2014 and now all primary school children will be exposed to video game creation and programming using Scratch and similar software. We are not just about putting kids in front of video games we are passionate about interactive, memorable social events that kids get to enjoy together.

Gamewagon and Junior Game Creator opportunities can be purchased together or separately as suits your interests and investment capability.

Corporate Market: Gamewagon’s unique brand of entertainment also appeals to the corporate sector and other private events like christenings, weddings, school fairs etc.

What is my earning potential?


Firstly let us start with the obligatory disclaimer, no guarantee of actual earnings can be given.

What we can do is share with you the typical results that have been achieved. We can also help you to understand the key metrics that you should be aiming to reach but the final results will come down to you driving the business and getting the brand out to your local communities.

Once you have decided that Gamewagon and / or Junior Game Creators is a business you can be passionate about then we would meet and go through in detail the potential earning figures we would expect you to achieve in the first three years based on a single territory. The figures we will share are conservative and we would expect that with hard work and ambition they could be greatly exceeded.

The Gamewagon and the Junior Game Creator business models are cashflow positive by month 3 and provide a return on your initial investment within 18 months.

What are the Franchise start up costs?

Franchise Start Up Costs

Franchise Fee: In order to for you to start your own Gamewagon or Junior Game Creator franchise, you need to be able to raise the sufficient capital to purchase and start-up your franchise. The franchise package itself costs are as follows;

£15,995 (plus VAT) per exclusive region*

*The license fee includes the exclusive right to run both a Gamewagon and Junior Game Creator business within a defined territory.

Start Up Capital: You would also need additional start-up capital to cover capital assets, initial marketing launch, expenses during training (e.g your travel, food and accommodation), legal/financial advice with regards to company formation, and the purchase of office equipment e.g. computer, printer, scanner, phone line, etc. (although you are likely to have much of this already).

Raising Finance: Finance for the business is potentially available from the major clearing banks and their special Franchise Units (all of which is subject to your personal situation and presentation of a business plan). For a franchise business the banks may be willing to lend up to 70% of the total capital required i.e. franchise fees plus working capital.

Ongoing Support: On a month-by-month basis we are always available for support. Our success is dependant on your success. There is a monthly service fee which is charged at either £250 per region or 10% of your turnover whichever is the higher. This covers our centralised services, technology, booking systems, on going support and ongoing development of the business system.

What is in the Franchise package?


The Gamewagon Franchise Package includes everything you need, not only to understand the business but to start trading immediately and start to grow the business by hiring and training new staff. All of the marketing materials will be used during your training and a pipeline will be created ready for when you are in the home office.

The Franchise Package Includes:

  • Use of the Gamewagon / Junior Game Creator brand name
  • An exclusive territory of 7- to 12-year-olds for 5 years (with an option to renew).
  • Full training (5 days) – on our services, operations, and all aspects of running your own Gamewagon business.
  • Liaison and Project Management of your Gamewagon vehicle build.
  • Day-to-day head office support.
  • Complete start-up package – business cards, flyers, vouchers, and other sales literature.
  • Business Stationery & Internal Forms
  • Operations and GEM guide.
  • Gamewagon / Junior game Creator e-mail and social media accounts.
  • Access to GPS Tracking System.
  • Access to Gamewagon CRM.
  • Corporate Uniforms for GEMs.
  • Specific Junior Game Creators lesson plans & resources.
  • Specific event training for Corporate Events.
  • Marketing launch schools funding – after school clubs – google adverts.
  • Central call answering and website for bookings.
  • 1,000 Birthday party flyers.
  • 50 Free school vouchers.
  • 1,000 After school club flyers.
  • 250 Business cards.

Are there other business start up costs?


In addition to the franchise package you will have some start-up costs. These will vary depending on your specific situation but it is important that these make their way into your business planning and we will guide you on completing the research and speaking to the right suppliers during your due diligence phase;
  • Start-up Marketing Budget for local marketing.
  • Start-up Marketing Budget for local recruiting.
  • Deposit for the finance lease of your Gamewagon (for Gamewagon business only, not required for Junior Game Creators).
  • Insurance premiums.
  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • DBS checks on new recruits.
  • Expenses during training (e.g. accommodation, food, travel, etc.)  for 3 nights in London.
  • Legal / Accounting expenses for advice regarding the franchise agreement and company formation including VAT registration.
  • Equipment for office at home. You will need a laptop, printer, general stationary, plus land line and internet connection.
  • Set up of our recommended Accounting system.

We are sure you will have more questions, so let’s talk?

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